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Sequence of assembly

  1. resistors, inductors
  2. sockets, test points
  3. trimpots, screw terminal block
  4. small capacitors
  5. rectifiers
  6. large capacitors
  7. plug the voltage reference into it's socket
  8. voltage regulators and OpAmps
    mount the regulators and the OpAmps to the heatsinks before you solder them to the pcb
  9. transformer

Setup / adjustment

  1. measure voltages at test points (refer to Config: Note-2 or the schematic to find out where to measure)
  2. determine voltage drops across voltage regulators and OpAmps
  3. drops across the voltage regulators (= Vin-Vout) must be at least 3V but not higher than 7V or 8V
  4. output rails of the voltage regulators (= power supply for the OpAmps) must be at least 5V higher than the target output voltage of the OpAmps (= outout voltage of the PSU), ideally 6V to 7V higher, but not higher than 8V
  5. refer to the table at Config: Note-2 voltage drops for a reasonable setup
  6. adjust the output voltages of the voltage regulators with the trimpots until all stages operate within the voltage drop target zones